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aeongazer said in 8-16-2007 @ 07:27:31    

Oooh…I like the doorway shot. Reminds me of a dream.


nikki said in 8-16-2007 @ 09:49:34    

Yes, very dream like – almost haunting… love it!


Dokey said in 8-16-2007 @ 13:20:15    

I can see you are having fun experimenting. Good for you. Your shots look more like painings. Kweep it up!. D


Barbara said in 8-17-2007 @ 18:37:27    

The tower at Balboa Park is crisp sharp and the bike tail lights seem stationary; how on earth did the fixed streetlights generate movement? Great shots, Tai. Just enjoyed a friend’s shots from Galapagos Islands from a Nikon D70. Amazing stuff.


Tai said in 8-19-2007 @ 19:24:29    

Thanks! The lights aren’t actually showing movement… there are strings of lights connected the lights on the poles, giving the appearance of movement at first look :)

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